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Welcome to Leandro (aka Asta...) 's online portfolio.
Contact information and details about past and current personal software development projects can be found here.

Software Projects

Sci & Tech docs

Website containing excerpts from useful technical documentation. Uses syntax highlighting and cross document search.

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Small Module and CLI with tools to help organize and work with tabular data, written in Python 3.

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Node.js app that uses minimal up-to-date dependencies to be suitable for cloud containers and serve as base for other projects.

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Caja Actions

Custom actions for Caja, the file manager of the MATE desktop environment, that allow to easily open and edit files as root and mount and unmount ISOs.

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Forge Updater

BASH script to check for new versions and update the game Forge on Linux systems.

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War for the Colonies

Modification of SEGA's game Medieval II that restores hidden content and adds additional gameplay options.

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