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Common issues

  • Check path to certificate and key files in connection settings or import connection again with all files being in the same folder and agree to copy certificate files to the dir networkmanager uses.
  • OpenVPN 2.6+ depreciates an option/key that is stored in the configuration file. Update it replacing "cipher" with "data-ciphers".

sed command to update all the configuration files in dir:

sed -i 's/cipher AES-256-CBC/data-ciphers AES-256-CBC/' \*.ovpn


Frequently used commands

protonvpn-cli login username
protonvpn-cli connect --fastest --protocol tcp
protonvpn-cli status
protonvpn-cli disconnect

Start app only if a VPN connection is active

nmcli con show --active | grep -q vpn && app || echo 'VPN not connected!'


TCP is generally used by default. UDP is a fast but less reliable protocol as it does not guarantee the delivery of packets. It is good for streaming and downloading purposes.

ZeroTier One

Disconnect from network and delete its interface from the system

sudo zerotier-cli leave networkId

Join network

sudo zerotier-cli join networkId

List joined networks' status and assigned ips

sudo zerotier-cli listnetworks

Show device status and id

sudo zerotier-cli info

Start service

sudo systemctl start zerotier-one
  • Commands tested using zerotier-one-1.2.12-1 on Fedora 29.